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Memory is the way we keep telling ourselves our stories...

Alice Munro




We use tools from machine learning and statistics to figure out how learning and memory happen at the level of neural circuits. 

Studying learning, in brains and machines. 

Interaction between  theory and experiment

Theoretical neuroscience:

How do memories form and what happens when we remember them?

How do we learn about the structure of our sensory world?

How do we know that we don't know?

Data analysis:

Characterizing the statistics of neural activity patterns:

How do neurons work together to achieve circuit function?

How do their interactions change due to learning?

  • Jan. '24 |Colin's paper on limits of causal manipulations to appear in J. Neuroscience.
  • Jan. '24 |4 Cosyne posters. Congrats Camille, David, Danilo, Jeroen and Julie!
  • Jan. '24 |Upcoming Cosyne workshop "I can't believe it's not better!" contributions welcome.
  • Jan. '24 |Ben's paper on networks representing complex priors accepted as ICLR spotlight.
  • Jan. '24 |David's new paper on kindergarten curriculum learning on bioRxiv.
  • Nov. '23 |Caro's paper on neural correlates of task flexibility out in Nature Comm.
  • Nov. '23 |Gauthier's work on multitask learning by stochastic comodulation on arXiv.
  • Oct. '23 |Ben's paper on circuit models of complex inference on bioRxiv.
  • Sept. '23 |Michele's paper on CA1 noise correlations published in J. Neuroscience.
  • Sept. '23 |Owen's paper on meta-dynamics out on bioRxiv.
  • Sept. '23 |Colin's paper formalizing locality of learning accepted to NeurIPS.
  • Sept. '23 |Bernstein workshop on neural substrates of behavioral flexibility.
  • Aug. '23 | two postdoc openings: probabilistic machine learning for neural data analysis.
  • May '23 | David awarded K01 to study how brains learn latent world structure.
  • Febr '23 | Caroline awarded 2023 Dean's Outstanding Dissertation Award.
  • Jan '23 | strong Cosyne 2023 lab showing: one contributed talk, and 3 posters.
  • Jan '23 |TAME-GP paper accepted as ICLR spotlight.
  • Jan '23 | Justin and Klavdia's paper on acoustic decision variable coding out in PNAS.
  • Oct '22 | Edoardo's paper published in Elife.
  • Oct '22 | upcoming talks by Pedro (SfN) and Caro ('All thing attention' NeurIPS workshop) 
  • Sept '22| new P-GAM library release as docker and as a singularity image.
  • Sept '22| TAME-GP paper is out on arxiv.
  • Jan '22 | Caroline, Colin and Camille will present posters at Cosyne 2022.
  • Nov '21| Colin's paper on understanding the effects of causal inactivation out on bioarxiv.
  • Oct '21|Edoardo's paper on neural coding during spatial navigation in VR out on bioarxiv
  • Oct '21|David's paper on OFC coding accepted for publication in Elife
  • Oct '21|Michele's paper on the structure of noise correlation in CA1 out on bioarxiv
  • Sept '21| 2 spotlights and 1 poster accepted to NeurIPS main conference.
  • Febr '21| Caro's paper on task-dependent comodulation in V1 out on bioarxiv
  • Febr '21| Daniel's paper on online hyperparameter optimization is now on arxiv!
  • Jan '21| 4 posters and 1 contributed talk accepted to Cosyne!
  • Dec '20| Owen has been awarded the 2021-22 Dean dissertation fellowship!
  • Sept '20| Edoardo and Colin's papers accepted to NeurIPS 2020.
  • Sept '20| Strong Savin lab showing at Bernstein conference (3 posters, 2 workshop talks).
  • Febr '20| Owen's JMLR paper is now online. 
  • Febr '20| Cristina receives Google faculty award (Kyunghyun Cho co-PI). 
  • Sept '19| Caroline's paper accepted for the NeurIPS 2019 main meeting. 
  • May '19| Caroline receives Google fellowship; Camille awarded an NSF GRFP.   
  • Jan '19| Four posters accepted to Cosyne
  • Dec '18| Eun Hye Park's paper on head direction coding published in Neuron.
  • July '18| Paper on unsupervised learning in neural circuits published in Scientific Reports.
  • Sept '17 | New MaxEnt review published in Curr Opin Neurobiol.
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